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IoT app development

IoT app development

Connect, manage and control your devices centrally- Use our digital app, designed with IoT technology


Transform the world with the Internet of Things apps

Our high-end IoT apps are the smartest solutions to your business. By leveraging the IoT potentials, you can connect people, process and machines. At Tekniko Global, you can speak to our IoT app development consultants. We analyze your business needs and develop most effective IoT app design. With our professional IoT solutions, we can convert your gadget into the smartest ones.

Sensor and IoT Gateways


The sensor-embedded devices track the users’ requests, like track the car and location or weather condition. The devices create IoT gateways for connecting to the internet with different communication modes (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and iBeacon). The gateways enable the interaction between devices.

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Why every business needs IoT apps

  • The innovative IoT technology streamlines your data, minimizing the need for applying your manual efforts. It increases your productivity level and controls your data very easily.
  • We design our unique IoT apps with some advanced intelligence levels and automation features. Your app users will get real-time data and have a clear understanding of everything.
  • Our IoT apps can act as a type of robot. Track your smart devices and get the updated information about it.
  • You may install our IoT apps for your ecommerce business. Make the shopping process smarter and more attractive to the shoppers. Your business will also get higher profits from our apps.


Comprehensive Ios App development solutions from our company

With these technologies, we offer different Android solutions

Cloud server and IP address

While the gateway receives the device data and status, the cloud server saves it. This data is useful for the device for further actions. IPv6 plays an important role in the field of Internet of Things. For proper communication, every device must have an IP address.

IoT applications

As one of the administrators of IoT apps, you may control your device activities from any place. The app helps you in managing your device by delivering commands. While the cloud service recognize the gadget, it sends your command to a sensor through the gateways. Cloud can identify the user, sending the request or command and deliver the data to the application.