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Best Chatbot Development Services In Noida

Kickr Technology assists you with mobile chatbot development solutions for Android, iOS and the Web platforms. We are featured as a one of the best mobile app developers in Noida. We are helping startups and businesses by providing advance mobile application services

Let Chatbot say Hello to welcome your website customers

Powered with Artificial Intelligence technologies, our chatbots and voice bots streamline your online interactions. The reliability and swiftness of our chatbot has transformed the way of communicating with your online customers.

Get a complete strategy of mobile app development

Choose a device and order Chatbot  application development

At Kickr Technology, we have a team of trained and talented Bot developers, having knowledge on the latest Chatbot technologies. From chatbot development to its optimization, we follow the standards and rules. Our user-friendly chatbots ensure unforgettable feel to your website users. Moreover, based on your target audience, industry and customer anticipations, our developers create the best image for the bots. Thus, you will get the desired results from investing in our chatbot development service.

Why hire our blockchain developer

  • Best tools and platforms
  • We use the best platforms, including Chatscripts, Microsoft, Slack and Kik codes.
  • World-class solutions
  • We create the basis of solid communication with our chatbots.
  • # User-Friendly Interface
  • # 95% Repeat business
  • # Quality Service UX

Comprehensive Chatbot development from our company

We think big and have hands in all leading technology platforms to provide you wide array of services.

Social media chatbots

Have you started social media marketing for your business? Then, add our chatbot to your social media pages and automate your online customer service. Our chatbots can turn out to be the smartest assistant to interact with others as a human consultant. We have skillful developers to Facebook Messenger bot and chatbots for other platforms. You know that most of the customers prefer social platforms instead of the conventional offline conversation. Thus, you can install our chatbots to send the real-time responses to your social media followers.

Ecommerce chatbots

Our eCommerce chatbots have the potential of turning your visitors into real customers. While you are busy with your eCommerce business, our bots will control the queries of your customers. With the installation of chatbots, most of the eCommerce business owners have found higher customer engagement rate and repeated sales. Our chatbots will guide your store visitors, offer suggestions and manage your customers’ checkout issues. Thus, your customers will never feel confused at your e-store. You may also integrate CRM with our chatbots to refine the sales process.

Conversational chatbots

We can create high-quality chatbots for any messaging platform, including Wechat and Slack. Our developers help you in using the natural language processing system and AI technology for your business. Our chatbots facilitate personal and direct interaction between your brands and your customers. Your digital platform will have 24-hour communication irrespective of the location and time zone of customers. Our bots never sleep. You can sleep peacefully, relying on our perfectly designed bots. Thus, you will find an increase your revenue, as there is no chance of missing the sales.

Assistant Bots

Assistant bots, like support bots, need to be good at conversations and answering FAQs. They must also be entertaining to maintain user interest. The most successful example of assistant bots is Siri by Apple, which can not only assist the user with several tasks like fetching the news, making a google search, setting reminders etc but also responds in a funny way if it doesn’t understand the query. At Hurekatek, we have developed several assistant bots that can integrate with existing platforms like Slack, Facebook and websites to assist with relevant business processes.


Uniqueness of our custom Chatbot applications

Flawless design

With UI/UX 2.0., our bot interface drives more conversations

Flawless design

Our professional chatbot developers choose the best plugins, APIs and frameworks.

Analysis and Planning

We use natural language processing system for identifying different Intents, Entities and Actions Easy deployment- We can deploy your chatbot on-premise or on cloud platform.

Easy deployment

We can deploy your chatbot on-premise or on cloud platform.