Mileage Tracker


Category Utilities
Platforms iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13
Frameworks Native iOS
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This app is a mileage tracker which allows the user to automatically track journeys or manually add them. It has a very contemporary design and also features a dark mode which can be enabled manually or automatically with the device settings. The app allows the user to enter a price per mile which in turn displays a value on top of every journey. This journeys can be categorised as either a business or a private trip and subsequently notes can be added to each trip. the user can also export this and data as a PDF making it easy to share the data outside of the application. The app also features a widget to make it easier for the user to track their trips.


Log trips automatically

Create trips manually

Darkmode & widget

Modern design

Export data in PDF

Price per mile value cost

Categorised trips as business or private


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