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Browse for movies using the TMDB API.


Home Screen – Popular Movies

When users open ​MovieRama ​they ​see a list of the popular movies​. Each movie in the list is described by some very basic information:

● Poster

● Title

● Release date

● Rating

● Favorite status

Although this list should not be that long, we strive for performance and we want to fill up the user’s screen with pixels as fast as we can. So, instead of showing the whole list at once, MovieRama uses ​infinite scrolling​. It starts with a list of N movies and each time users scroll near the bottom of the page another N are loaded and added to the list. N may be a fixed number like 10 or could vary depending on the available screen height.

Home Screen – Search for movies

Another thing ​MovieRama​ users can do, is: ​search for movies​ within a larger dataset of movies including old and upcoming ones. When users want to search for a movie, they just have to type part of its title inside the search box.

Movie details screen

MovieRama​ doesn’t stop there however. For the curious user, either viewing the popular movies or having searched for others, ​MovieRama o​ffers the ability to ​tap on a movie in the list to view more information about it​. This information includes the following:

● Movie Genre

● Movie Title

● Movie Poster

● Movie Overview

● Director

● Cast

● Similar Movies

● Reviews (up to 2)

● Favorite status



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