My Sample Store



We generated revenue, we have customers and we have 5 star reviews.

We are able to show proof of revenue that is in a form of marketing agreements as well as the transaction history in Paypal. Do let us know your offers before requesting for more information so that we know that it is a serious offer.

Purchase includes UI, Source Code, Database and APK.


“This is a great app for entrepreneurs!” – Michelle Neo

“I love the free samples that are given out every day!” – John Tan

“I used this app t to give out my cakes and managed to increase sales for my café!” – Bridgett Tan

Have a new product but not sure if it can sell? Test the market first by giving out free samples!

Users can get free samples from new businesses near them and know what’s new and what’s great!


For Consumers:
-Pick and choose the samples you want to try in the Marketplace
– Redeem at the location and time set by the Businesses

For Businesses:
– Describe the Samples you want to give away
– Set Quantity, Location and Date of collection
– Add photos
– Track the quantity of samples that people want


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