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Need a Better Way to Organize Your Recipes? As featured on Martha Stewart magazine:
Many recipe-organizing apps make you manually enter a recipe, but not this one. Just snap a picture of a recipe—whether it’s the card your grandmother wrote out her famous cookie recipe on a page from Sunday’s paper — and OrganizEat will store that recipe alongside ones you found online.


Use this recipe keeper app, in order to eliminate those stacks of cookbooks and recipe organizers from your kitchen. You don’t need them anymore, when you store your favorite recipes in the OrganizEat Recipe Organizer app. This handy recipe box app lets you keep all your favorite culinary recipes, organized right on your phone. Use this app to keep Grandma’s secret paprika meatballs recipe stored, or use it to organize your own custom recipes. And the good news is: No Typing! This recipe manager app doesn’t require you to type in your recipes, on this tiny little screen of your mobile phone. Instead you simply snap a photo of your recipe and it’s ready for you to view.

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