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  • Android Studio App targets latest SDK
  • Easy Reskin
  • Add unlimited Wallpapers
  • Add unlimited Categories
  • Great Documentation
  • Admob Banners, Vungle Video Ads
  • In-App Purchase for Pro Version
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Choose Wallpapers directly from WhatsApp
  • Share, save, set Wallpaper as Homescreen
  • Choose app colors easily
  • Already localized for English and German
  • Add new languages
  • Instructions Screen for users


With Wallpapers for Whatsapp & Co you get a Wallpaper app that is easy to reskin and can generate a lot of revenue. Check it out on the Play Store:

Pick your best pictures or stock photos, put as many of them in the app as you like and your users will love it! They are able to save, share and set as homescreen – and of course the can open the Wallpaper app directly from WhatsApp and choose a picture! In the two main screens of the app is a Admob Banner.

When the user wants to see or set a Wallpaper it is possible to choose between watching a Vungle Video Ad or purchase the Pro Version.

All these options generate big revenues. Google Analytics is already integrated and will keep you perfectly up to date how your app is performing.

With the great documentation you can publish your own Wallpaper app in shortest time. Every step is perfectly documented from importing your app to publishing on the Play Store.

The best about reskinning is, that most values to change are in one single file. This app is written in Android Studio which makes it even more easy for you to reskin.

Wallpapers for Whatsapp & Co targets the latest Android version (Marshmallow) and even includes the new permission system – A really modern App to use.

All Strings in the app are in separate files (with English and German already localized) so you can add new languages like a pro. Start making money with great Wallpapers now!


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